Restore balance and find the pleasure of eating without any guilt!

Whether you have type 1 or 2, LADA or MODY diabetes or have gestational diabetes, it is important that you can feel free to eat. Meals represent moments of conviviality in our society and are essential for your balance.  With a plant based diet helping to reduce inflammation in your body, you can restore you vitality and find the freedom to eat.

To help families affected by diabetes to restore balance and harmony in their lives.

I am not diabetic so why choose this theme? Diabetes has been a part of my life for twenty years, first my husband and our granddaughter were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent). To be able to better support them in learning how to manage the disease, I chose to learn as much as possible on the subject and then adapted my knowledge to the world of children with whom I have always had the ease of communication. This experience enriched me a lot and made me want to help young diabetics and their parents in this stage of life. My little Talya is the source of inspiration for this blog which I hope will bring you support and answers. I will enjoy reading all your comments.

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Who am I to advise you?

Diabetes came into my life 20 years ago. What I didn’t know at this time was that many of my relatives were going to be affected by this invisible chronic disease. Adults and children, all with different types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes or LADA.

Life coach and having chronic digestive issues myself, I started to learn nutrition so that I could help as many people as possible and it all started to really mean something to me. The more I learned, the more I could help the people around me, whether they were insulin-dependent or not. It became natural to make the transition from my career as a life coach to diabetes coach. 

I was born on November 14, which also happens to be World Diabetes Day.  This date of World Diabetes Awareness, is in memory of the birthday of Frederick G. Banting, the physician who discovered insulin in 1921 which helped many diabetics live. Every year, I contribute to one of many diabetes associations to find a way to beat this disease and improve millions of lives. 

With the synchronicity of my birth date, and the clear recognition of the path being carved for me, I found my life mission; to coach diabetics and support their families to take charge of their health, restore balance in life and regain the pleasure of eating for nourishment.

With my experience, I can say that there are as many categories of diabetes as there are personalities! Thanks to my sense of intuition and listening skills, I can easily adapt to different needs and achieve rewarding results. Because in my opinion, each person is unique and must learn to manage their diabetes in a way that is in alignment with their individual goals.

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