How to stay “relaxed” when your child is invited to a birthday party?

The first time your child is invited to a birthday party can cause a great deal of concern. How to manage abirthday party knowing that it will have mainly of sweets? I recommend you let him participate in the birthday partybut to prepare for it, your child must continue to socialize with his friends. In my opinion, it is essential to simply explain the situation. With diabetes, even very [...]

Why is it important to eat balanced?

Everyone needs a varied and balanced diet with diabetes or not. It is the pillar of good health! This is one of the recommendations we receive daily from the media but is the information we receive always accurate? We tend to be more and more directed towards a consumption of industrialized products which are difficult to assimilate by our organism, very impoverished in nutritive elements, often too sweet or [...]

How to start the day with a balanced breakfast?

If the continental breakfast is mostly consumed at home, easy to prepare and very good, it is often too sweet: coffee, tea or hot chocolate, accompanied by toasted bread and topped with jam, honey or chocolate, occasionally associated with pastries, etc. The sugar intake makes you feel energized, except that if you are talking about rapidly-digested sugars because they cause your blood sugar levels to rise quickly, the effect [...]

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