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I am Natalie, Diabetes Holistic Nutritionist.

Passionate about personal development, I have been certified in life and professional coaching in 2003 to help women who want to get thinner to feel better in their body. The well being they were looking for was beyond the physical appearance, they were suffering.

I was having digestive chronic issue as well and diabetes came into my family, I decided to learn more to help. I started to study nutrition and became a nutrition coach to support to restore balance in their bodies.

Today I am member pro of American Diabetes Association.

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A1C New Tip: Eat 4-5 Real Meals a Day

March 29th, 2021|

Too often, under-eating in the first two-thirds of the day can lead to over-eating at the end of the day. Too often, we try to lose weight by restricting our eating all day long only to find ourselves binge-eating at the end of the day when our body is [...]

A1C Tip: Change Your Goal Blood Sugar Range

February 26th, 2021|

Did you know your A1c actually translates to a blood sugar level and range? Your eAG (estimated average blood glucose) is an extremely helpful way to understand why your A1c is or is not at your goal.  Use the American Diabetes Association’s handy calculator to translate A1c levels to [...]

Allan’s Portrait

February 15th, 2019|

Here is the testimony of Allan Bernard, 28 years old. This inspiring young man I discovered on social networks immediately caught my attention by the authenticity of his publications about his diabetes and his determination to achieve his goals. Passionate about cooking since a very young age, Allan followed [...]

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