The first time your child is invited to a birthday party can cause a great deal of concern. How to manage abirthday party knowing that it will have mainly of sweets?

I recommend you let him participate in the birthday partybut to prepare for it, your child must continue to socialize with his friends.

In my opinion, it is essential to simply explain the situation. With diabetes, even very young children often become more mature. If your child needs a balanced diet daily, he or she can also make exceptions from the moment the exception is contained. Again, everything is a question of balance!

Your child must be able to taste everything, without being in excess. From the moment he knows it, you can explain it to him clearly. For example, if there are too many candies distributed at the same birthday, he can eat some with his friends and take away what he has left to consume them little by little on other days.

In reality, it is not good for any children to consume sugar in large quantities, hence the interest of explaining to him that it is better to distribute the quantities of sugar, whether one is diabetic or not to be healthier. The children are sensitized on this subject in school so if it is schooled, it should even seem familiar to him.

Here are three tips to prepare and send a great time with your child at the party:

Tip #1:

If the birthday happens around 4 pm, consider that you are going to prepare your lunch. Knowing that he will consume a larger amount of sugar in the afternoon, prepare him a light meal. He always needs carbohydrates in his meal so choose a dessert rather light with less sweet that day. It will be the same for the evening meal if the blood glucose level is high, he should also have a lighter meal.

Tip #2:

If you are attending the birthday party, which I recommend for the first few times, you can prepare low on sugar homemade cakes while warning the other mothers, a cake to share with the other children, just to diversify the cakes, more or less sweet.

You can also consider a fresh fruit salad, knowing that there will already be cakes and sweets on the spot and you can therefore favor the fruits that your child likes to eat the most so that it makes him pleasure too!

Tip #3:

Knowing that he will consume a larger amount of carbohydrate than usual at the birthday party, do not wait to administer his normal dose of insulin to prevent it from soaring knowing that it takes 15 to 20 minutes for the insulin to work. You can always adjust the dosage if necessary, depending on what he has eaten.

You know like me that the ideal situation with diabetes does not exist and that despite the preparation, the blood glucose of your child may be turned upside down. More time will pass, and you will be able to better manage these exceptional situations. Blood sugar will be regularized over the next meals. Going out with your child should be a pleasure above all else. I invite you to have a good time and do not forget to take pictures!

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