Here is the testimony of Guénaïs Bechikhi, 20 years old. This charming girl can brighten your day by sharing her exceptional and especially authentic smile.

A foreign language student, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 16 and had to go a long way to adapt to her new world and regain self-confidence.

“All my daily life was turned upside down, overturned and trampled … For me, I was no longer Guénaïs the brilliant student, voluntary and full of life, I became “Guénaïs, the only diabetic student in high school who now has an illness incurable who robbed her of her joy of living.”

After months, years of fighting, she has gone from being a sensitive teenager weakened by illness to a young woman of character full of strength on the daily basis.

“Today, I decided to live. I decided to make this enormous suffering an immense force. I am in 2nd year of foreign languages in Chambéry at Savoie Mont Blanc University and Vice President of Territorial and University Relations of the Student Federation of Savoie Mont Blanc University.More than 2 months ago, I was also elected Jeune Fille De France 2018 (youth Miss France), a committee that promotes peace, respect and honesty and where there is no obligation of size or weight. A pride for me to have been elected for who I am “.

Her great determination and courage allow him to fulfill her dreams, despite her health difficulties.

“By taming my diabetes, I gradually learned to accept this disease that still remains incurable today. It’s been a few months since I decided that my diabetes would not prevent me from continuing my dreams. There are ups and downs but never an end point. I suffered from this disease, I fell hundreds of times. I thought I could never get out of it. And yet today, I love life! I love my life.”

She also supports, through her Facebook page, those affected by diabetes, a little or a lot, with optimism and joy of living.

“Every diabetes is different because every person is unique”.

She created this page in 2015, just eight months after the diagnosis of her illness and named it “Our Fight Against Diabetes – Any type, age, and body type”–1649542108641479/community/

At first isolated, as can be the young children and teenagers at the painful moment of the diagnosis and learning of the management of diabetes, Guénaïs began to externalize her emotions through poems, videos and then photos.

She needed to not feel alone. By creating a web-based communication page to talk about her illness, she quickly realized that many people were fighting the same fight and was soon followed by more than 1,600 people. Today, she has created a real community of exchange around diabetes to help other patients.

“I created this page to listen to everyone, to advise you and through that, to help myself. I need to help and support all those diabetic people who have given up. I want to give them hope or give back to them! The disease has no age, no sex, no religion. It arrives without warning and destroys who it wants, when it feels like it. This page is my weapon to fight and my support to be closer to you, closer to those who need me and want my help.”

It is important for everyone to find their own way of expressing their emotions and even more so when one must live with diabetes. Whether communicating externally, writing in a newspaper or expressing themselves through drawing, photography, drama or dance, emotions by nature are meant to be exteriorized. It is a key to help living life with a lighter heart.

Guénaïs also practices Hip-Hop dance and contemporary dance, a good way to maintain your balance!

At 20, she grew up in every way and inspired many young diabetics to believe in the future and enjoy each day.

“Diabetes is not a brake. Every morning, it offers me the hope and the desire to go forward by reminding me how much I am a strong woman. My smile is eternal. ” Guénaïs, 20 years old, diabetic type 1 and “Jeune Fille de France 2018”(youth Miss France)

I wish her all the best a good continuation in the realization of her dreams.

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