Here is the testimony of Allan Bernard, 28 years old. This inspiring young man I discovered on social networks immediately caught my attention by the authenticity of his publications about his diabetes and his determination to achieve his goals.

Passionate about cooking since a very young age, Allan followed a training course in restaurant hospitality in order to be able to practice his current profession of cook.

When he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 23, his whole world collapsed to wonder if he could continue to live off his passion.

“The discovery of my diabetes forced me to take a break from cooking so I could learn the disease at best. A difficult test to overcome and to live with having to give up my passion but health is priority. It was necessary to tame me with this diabetes that is now part of me, without giving up my passion, to treat me and to find the balance of my new diabetic life”.

Allan didn’t give up for anything, initially weakened by the illness he found the energy needed to reconnect with his passion that is cooking, even more determined to meet his new challenge of becoming a cook while being diabetic.

“Once tamed, with this rhythm that was now part of my daily life, I could concentrate again on my passion. Really addicted to cooking, I did not miss any culinary show, especially “Top Chef”, a show I had always dreamed of participating in.”

After having had the opportunity to participate in two seasons of the show “Objectif Top Chef”, Allan then has a click: he wants to use his cooking knowledge to target people with diabetes. Selected a third time for the same show, he proposed in his last participation a dish adapted to people with diabetes.

This broadcast was a real reward for him, an opportunity to talk about diabetes still too little known despite the pandemic.

“… several TV shows during which I was able to let other people discover my culinary universe and confront myself with other cooking enthusiasts! An adventure, a challenge, a dream still accomplished with my diabetes. An experience of which I came out grown up and which confirmed my passion and my desire to live of this profession”.

Surrounded and supported by his friends, he then creates a Facebook page entitled “The Pleasures of a Diabetic” through which he wishes to convey the message that it is possible to eat with pleasure while being diabetic.

“I then created a Facebook page, The Pleasures of a Diabetic, where I make very specific recipes to be able to have fun without depriving myself, a community that has developed in a few months with a strong demand for recipes! The purpose of this page is to prove that it is possible to enjoy eating without depriving oneself.”

His page is followed today by more than 11,000 grateful people to continue to follow his adventures and especially his recipes! You can also follow him on Instagram and on Youtube under the same name “The Pleasures of a Diabetic”.

Over time, Allan continues to learn how to live better with his diabetes while enjoying his good energy around him.

“There is no miracle recipe in the life of a diabetic, the only way to prevent the life of a diabetic from becoming a nightmare is to have an irreproachable lifestyle to stabilize to perfection. It is still essential to enjoy life, so excesses are not forbidden but you should not abuse it. So, eat, move, live without excess and never forget to make your dreams come true! “

Allan, 28, Diabetic Type 1, “The Pleasures of a Diabetic”

I wish him all the best and a good continuation in the realization of his dreams.

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